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Meet Bandster Sergio Gago

Sergio Gago didn’t move to Berlin to be a rock star. But the tech professional from Barcelona did make the journey to the German capital 5 months ago wishing to move beyond strumming his guitar by a bonfire, trying to woo women and hopefully make his way up the musical ladder. He wanted to one day feel comfortable performing the occasional solo without worrying about missing a note or two. 


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Sergio Gago Waiting for you to start a fascinating musical journey

But how could he transition from playing alone to being in a band in a city like Berlin where musical groups are only looking for the cream of the crop to join their ranks and tour across the city and beyond?

There was a remarkably quick and satisfying fix: Bands. The rock band program for amateur musicians created by Avisar Lev – another musical migrant – was perfect for the new Berliner. He joined a group called Chord Attack and has worked closely with his bandmates and mentors, improving both his abilities and knowledge of musical theory.

In fact, Sergio credits his musical gains specifically to his mentors, Omri and Danielle, and their well-crafted guidance. He attests that he’s learned more in the last 4 months of playing with bands than he has in the last few years.

Sergio notes that there seems to be a correlation between techies and the demographic of people who sign up for Bands. He reckons that playing an instrument structures the mind in a certain way  – repetition, having to overcome yourself and perceived limits, flow – that symbiotically merge with working in tech. 

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Bands is your place to start your new joint musical journey

There’s a rhythm and energy that Sergio recognizes in techies. So much so that he even favors them in his hiring practices. Musicians aren’t just people the Spanish expat likes to spend time with in rehearsal, he appreciates their overall presence in his day-to-day life. 

When it comes to Bands, Sergio is most certainly a believer. He encourages others to join but he wants to make it clear that openness to other genres and playing in a group is a necessary ingredient to a potential Bands inductee. The experience is all about being open and trusting the process on the way to rocking out.

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