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  • How do you decide who plays with whom?
    Musicians who share your musical skills and availability can be difficult to find. With years of experience and a carefully designed matching process, we make this easy and fun. Sign up now!
  • Which instruments are required to form band?
    Each band has a rhythm section (drums, bass guitar), a melodic section (guitar, keyboard) and vocalists, but other instruments are welcome too!
  • What are the expectations from me as a band member?
    You are expected to attend every rehearsal prepared and on time. The fun and success of your band depends on that. Other than that? Just have fun!
  • How is the rehearsal schedule decided?
    The schedule is decided at the beginning of every cycle once we’ve placed you in a band. Every band is allocated a fixed rehearsal day and time. Rehearsals take place on weekdays (Monday-Friday).
  • I write my own music. Can we play my stuff?
    Our initial preference is to play cover songs in original and challenging arrangements. The playlist is selected based on recommendations submitted by band members. However, we are always happy to explore your music interests, so - show us what you got!
  • How much is the fee and what does it include?
    Bands is a subscription-based service that runs annually and costs €130 monthly. The subscription entails 42 two hours of weekly rehearsals in well-equipped studios, custom-designed to meet your needs and guided by experienced music mentors. Additionally, you will be able to participate in 2 live shows. We also organize various free social events, open jam sessions, picnics, and karaoke nights. Check out our pricing page for payment options.
  • I Ieft you my details. What's next?
    After registration you will receive an invitation to an audition during which you will be asked to cover two songs. We will then discuss your availability, musical preferences, and answer any remaining queries. Approximately two weeks before your first rehearsal session we will send you detailed info about your schedule and upcoming events.

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