You Got A Question || We Got The Answer

How do you decide who is playing with whom?

We all know how difficult and exhausting finding musicians at the right level can be. With our fitting process, which was built with a lot of thought and experience we believe that we can minimize this. A trial session is not possible due to logistic reasons but come and check a rehearsal!

Which instruments are required for every band?

Every band consist is a rhythm section (Drums & bass guitar), a melodic section (guitar or keyboard) and a lead vocalist. Other instruments can take part in requests (of course - all instruments are welcome!)

What are the expectations from me as a band member?

You are expected to come to every rehearsal prepared and on time. The enjoyment and success of your band depends on that.

How is the schedule for rehearsal decided?

The schedule is decided in the beginning of each cycle, after the fitting process. Every band gets its own fixed day and hours. The rehearsals take place once a week (Monday-Friday).

I’m also writing original music, can we play my stuff?

Our initial preference is to play cover songs in an original and challenging arrangements. But there is always room to talk about it :)

How much is the fee and what does it include?

We offer a variety of plans and pricing, starting from €110 per month. The price includes the weekly rehearsal in the studio, the mentor fee a live recording session. Please go to our pricing page to check our payments options Saving your position in the workshope after the intro meeting is only available after receiving the payment via bank transfer or sending us the signed members contract.

I Ieft you my details, what's next?

Great! After registration you will receive an invitation by email or Facebook messenger to an intro meeting. In the meeting you will be asked to preform two songs. At the audition, you will be asked for your schedule availability and musical preferences. About 2 weeks before your first session an Email with information about the you schedule will be sent to you.